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Through the exploration of the infinite symbolic and aesthetic values that an image acquires in the contemporary era, Woc’s work aims to make eternal an iconography condemned to be lost due to the swiftness of Internet communication. On this occasion through the means of his Drawings, Woc’s exploration pursues by creating a series of artworks, that investigate a potential "Material Paradox" behind the value of an “image” today, particularly in the Blockchain era. The "Material Paradox" for Woc is a creative journey where the artist initially enters a virtual process by instinctively selecting 100 crypto currencies loosely based on their popularity and aesthetic appeal. The venture then shifts back temporarily to a physical dimension as the selected tokens come to life 1 by 1 hand-drawn on paper. Ultimately after a manual scan, the artworks reappear on the virtual domain as a digital asset through the form of an NFT.

Although the Crypto Drawings project rises as a completely digitally oriented project, the original physical artworks will still be showcased and made available for purchase at a later date with the partner gallery as a reflection by the artist on the physical and absolute representation of value.

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