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The Russian artist group AES+F composed of Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich, Evgeny Svyatsky, and Vladimir Fridkes collaborate on highly conceptual interdisciplinary projects that combine photography, video, installation, performance, and mixed media.

They construct elaborate, allegorical scenarios to make biting social commentary, such as in the “King of the Forest” series (2001-03), in which the artists allow modern economic and social structures that exploit youth to stand in for the "King" figure, a reference to a folkloric creature who kidnapped children and locked them in his palace. The works are documentations of performances orchestrated by AES+F in St. Petersburg, Cairo, and New York, for which they brought together masses of children often exploited, such as ballerinas and models, or incorrectly thought to be exploited, such as those in Islamic society. By capturing these children in cavernous spaces—Catherine the Great’s palace, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, and Times Square—the artists highlight their fragility.


AES+F auctioned an NFT work for the first time on March 22 in exclusive partnership with Verisart and SuperRare as part of 10×10: 10 inaugural NFTs by 10 major contemporary artists over 10 weeks. The NFT work, Psychosis, Mushroom Field is a surreal vision. It originates from the video stage design for “Psychosis” at Electrotheatre Stanislavsky in Moscow, in which AES+F reinterpreted British playwright Sarah Kane’s “4:48 Psychosis” together with film and theater director Alexander Zeldovich. AES+F describe their first work minted as an NFT on SuperRare as a “delusion borne of an amalgamation of intense desire and paranoia of Sarah Kane’s protagonist.”

Talking about their NFT, the artists explained “We have been bridging the space between digital and traditional media at museums, biennials, festivals, and even theaters for over 30 years. It will be very interesting to engage the digitally-native NFT community as an extension of our practice.”

The auction was won by Lucrafund with a bit of 5.556 ETH ($8,941).

AES+F’s NFT is certified by Verisart, an award-winning blockchain certification platform. Designed to empower artists to tell the story of their work, the digital certificates include additional images, videos and documents. AES+F’s Verisart certificate includes an exclusive collector reward, accessible only to the owner of the certificate. For collectors, Verisart’s patent-pending Certificates of Authenticity (COA) form an integral part of collecting NFTs. They provide confidence in the identity of the artist and the verified history of the artwork.


Vinciane Jones, Verisart



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